The Cure is in us! - A National Humanitarian Campaign

"The Cure is in us!" -
A National Humanitarian Campaign

The campaign was launched on Ana's birthday, March 28, 2007, with the grand opening of the public cord blood bank at the Rebro hospital, in Zagreb.

On the same day, the second big humanitarian concert for the Ana Rukavina Foundation was held in Osijek... more »

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Book - Indian Comanche - Begić

Here you can download the book "Comanche Indian - My Blood Brother" by Ankica Begić.

Mrs. Begić suffered from myelofibrosis and she needed a bone marrow transplantation to treat it. A donor was found in the American Registry and Mrs. Begić’s transplantation was successful. Today, two and a half years later, she describes her experiences with treatment and meeting her donor – an American Indian from the Comanche tribe.

This book is a sort of diary about how she survived and coped with this difficult disease, and we hope that this book will provide hope for the healing of all patients.

Publisher: Profil Mozaik

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43 Students of Archbishop Classical Gymnasium Have Joined the Croatian Registry08/05/2017

Dear friends, today we have held the action to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry at the Archbishop Classical Gymnasium in Zagreb for juniors and seniors.
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A Great Response from the students during the action in “Ivan Švear” Highschool in Ivanić Grad05/05/2017

Dear friends, today we held an action in Ivanić Grad in “Ivan Švear” high school, and the event was attended by 74 potential donors.
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