The Cure is in us! - A National Humanitarian Campaign

"The Cure is in us!" -
A National Humanitarian Campaign

The campaign was launched on Ana's birthday, March 28, 2007, with the grand opening of the public cord blood bank at the Rebro hospital, in Zagreb.

On the same day, the second big humanitarian concert for the Ana Rukavina Foundation was held in Osijek... more »

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The Cure is in us! Friends of the Foundation

Foundation activities

I want life!

The campaign "I want life!" is a story which started with Ana's letter in which she said that all of her wishes fit into three little words.

After the successful auction of photographs taken by Ana's colleagues, Ana and her three friends were in excellent moods. The whole thing had gone so well that they started joking about organizing a concert next, since they were obviously on a roll. Ana already knew that she would not need the money, as she had found alternative ways to finance her treatment, but she was ready to put all of her effort into campaigning to raise the full amount of money to fulfill her dream: money for all the other people who are fighting hematological diseases. "If 2 million is enough just for me and we need just a little more for everyone else, let's go ahead and raise it all!" she said. And just like that, what was going to be a small concert in one of Zagreb's clubs turned into a big humanitarian concert on Ban Jelačić Square, accompanied by numerous blood drives and citizens joining the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry.

The concert was organized and produced at a cost of "0 kuna", as one of our colleagues put it. In other words, no expense was incurred thanks to the kindness of the many generous people who donated their services, products and time.

History of "I want life!" Campaign

08.11.2006.Ana sent an e-mail to some friends which started a wave of human kindness » more

10.11.2006. Ana's letter was first published

20.11.2006. A photo auction was held in Cro Art Photo Club featuring the work of Ana's colleagues » more

21.11.2006. We were amazed by the campaign's success and the idea of a concert was born. Ana exchanged ideas with us from the hospital by mobile phone and e-mail

24.11.2006. Our little, but active team was created

25.11.2006. A meeting was held in our friend's office as we didn't have any other place to meet

26.11.2006. Ana left us in the early morning, but her vision carries on» more

27.11.2006. Establishment of the Ana Rukavina Foundation was announced and the campaign, "I want life!" was launched

28.11.2006. The city of Zagreb granted approval for the concert to be held on Ban Jelačić Square

30.11.2006. We said our goodbyes to Ana at Mirogoj Cemetery in Zagreb

07.12.2006. We held our first press conference to announce our work and the upcoming concert » more

12.12.2006. Ana was voted person of the year by Media Servis. Ana's sister, Gordana, accepted the award » more

16.12.2006. The first drawing of blood samples for the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry took place on Flower Square, where we received help from well known TV and theater personalities » more

20.12.2006. A charity auction and humanitarian concert took place in Club Macao at Jarun » more

21.12.2006. The concert, "I want life!" and the drawing of blood samples for the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry was held on Ban Jelačić Square » more

03.01.2007. We held our second press conference to announce our upcoming activities and to thank all of our sponsors and donors » more

24.01.2007. Mr. Jure Matovina from Ogulin was the 5,000th donor to be added to the Registry » more

26.01.2007. Ana was named "Zagreb's Woman of the Year" » more

14.02.2007. The Foundation received its registration documents and formally started to work on Valentine's Day.

19.02.2007. We held our third press conference to announce the campaign in all national theatres in Croatia and to report on our progress » more

21.02.2007. The campaign "The Best Show for Ana" was held in all the Croatian national theaters» more

23.02.2007. Miss Blanka Vrgoč from Osijek was the 10,000th donor to be added to the Registry » more

25.02.2007. Massimo held a concert for Ana in Osijek » more

08.03.2007. The award, "Zagreb's Woman of the Year" was received in Ana's name » more

12.03.2007. Mrs. Biljana Puharić from Makarska was the 15,000th donor to be added to the Registry » more

20.03.2007. We held our fourth press conference to announce the opening of the cord blood bank and the race at Bundek Lake » more

25.03.2007. The humanitarian race, "I want life!" was held at Bundek Lake » more

28.03.2007. We started the national campaign, "The Cure Is In Us" on Ana's birthday with a humanitarian rock concert in Osijek and the opening of the Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank at University Hospital Centre Zagreb » more

Initial "I want life!" campaign lasted for a total of 142 days (08.11.2006-28.03.2007). During the campaign, the number of names added to the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry increased from 150 to 20,000. There were more than 51 blood drives held in over 30 Croatian towns to take samples for tissue typing. The "I want life!" campaign raised in excess of 2,700,000 Kuna.

In Ana's honor each year in December Ana Rukavina Foundation is organizing a big charity concert "I want life" at Zagreb's main square. By organizing this concert we want to thank everyone who in any way contributed to the work of the Foundation and to commemorate Anna's great heritage.

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69 New Members in the Croatian Registry13/06/2017

Dear friends, a difficult medical situation of our player Nikola Pokrivač has touched many hearts and in today's two actions in Zagreb, a total of 69 potential donors have joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Zagreb. more »

Actions in Zagreb10/06/2017

Dear friends, on Tuesday, June 13th, Ana Rukavina Foundation will hold two actions to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Zagreb. more »

349 New Members in the Croatian Registry in Varaždin and Sveti Martin na Muri09/06/2017

Dear friends, today we had two actions to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Varaždin and Sveti Martin na Muri, where we had a total of 349 new members! more »

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