The Cure is in us! - A National Humanitarian Campaign

"The Cure is in us!" -
A National Humanitarian Campaign

The campaign was launched on Ana's birthday, March 28, 2007, with the grand opening of the public cord blood bank at the Rebro hospital, in Zagreb.

On the same day, the second big humanitarian concert for the Ana Rukavina Foundation was held in Osijek... more »

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Ana Rukavina Foundation

About Ana Rukavina Foundation

In November 2006, Croatia witnessed exceptional generosity and kindness expressed by many individuals, associations and companies, which rallied around a common goal: to return hope to the life of a young woman.

"I want life!" - wrote Ana Rukavina Erceg and moved the Croatian public. This sincere plea for help from the 29 year old Vjesnik journalist, who was undergoing treatment for leukaemia, left nobody indifferent. The campaign, "I want life!" was launched in order to help Ana purchase the expensive medicines she needed and eventually go for treatment to the United States. A great number of good people responded whole-heartedly and donated generously. Once again, Croatia showed that where there's a will, there's a way.

Despite all the efforts of the medical team, the "dear nurses" as Ana called them, despite her personal courage and her will to live, Ana left us one Sunday morning, but her words have remained as an eye-opener. They have drawn our attention to all the people around us who are also undergoing treatment for an all too common illness, prompting us to think about their families and friends who have no way of obtaining the help and support they need in these demanding and difficult moments. Ana left us with warm and happy memories, but also with the mission to do our best to reduce the number of "little bald heads" in hospitals.

In that time in Croatia, the system for voluntary bone marrow donations was not sufficiently developed and the number of donors in the existing Croatian Registry was inadequate. Before the Ana Rukavina Foundation's campaign was launched, the donors were mainly the family members of the sick. In the event that the patient can't receive bone marrow from one of their closest blood relatives, the search for a donor starts outside of Croatia. It is a lengthy procedure that may take up to six months.

At the same time, the process of tissue typing to join the Croatian Registry as a potential bone marrow donor is extremely simple and free of charge for the donor. Having given a blood sample at the Institute for tissue typing, at one of eight transfusion centers or during one of the Foundation's campaigns, you too can save someone's life.

Many citizens helped our Ana in those days. They have encouraged us to help other people who are being treated or will be treated for this malignant disease, and to offer support and information to their families and friends. Any one of us could find ourselves on the list of those in need. That is why we are inviting all the citizens of the Republic of Croatia to join the Foundation's humanitarian campaigns.

Ana's e-mail, which started to circulate at the end of 2006, showed that there is a great deal of human kindness among us.

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69 New Members in the Croatian Registry13/06/2017

Dear friends, a difficult medical situation of our player Nikola Pokrivač has touched many hearts and in today's two actions in Zagreb, a total of 69 potential donors have joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Zagreb. more »

Actions in Zagreb10/06/2017

Dear friends, on Tuesday, June 13th, Ana Rukavina Foundation will hold two actions to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Zagreb. more »

349 New Members in the Croatian Registry in Varaždin and Sveti Martin na Muri09/06/2017

Dear friends, today we had two actions to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry in Varaždin and Sveti Martin na Muri, where we had a total of 349 new members! more »

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