A noble donation of students’ association „Vodarica Marta“

Dear friends, we have received another noble donation from elementary school students, this time collected during the Easter fair of students’ association „Vodarica Marta“ from elementary school dr. Jure Turić in Gospić.

During the Easter fair, the students of Gospić were selling products made by them, and the profit of 2.500 HRK was deposited on the account of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Beside their noble donation, this student’s association, together with pedagogue Anka Nikšić, a teacher and the president of students’ association „Vodarica Marta“ Debora Lukac and the principle Ivan Radošević, has initiated and helped organized another successful action to join the Registry in Gospić.

Thanks to dear students of Gospić whose noble donation will help to further expand the Croatian Registry so we could give ill people another chance to live.

In the short time, we have received a valuable donation from three schools in Croatia and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, teachers and professors of these beautiful children they taught that helping others is the greatest gift you can give and enrich your heart.

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