A thank you note

Dear friends, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who support us, whether it’s with organizing actions to join the Croatian Registry, joining the Croatian Registry, or donating us and helping us continue our work. Donations came from all parts of Croatia, but from abroad as well, from the youngest, students of elementary and high schools, retired people, to companies and political parties. Every donation means a lot to us because it allows us to keep helping in expanding the Croatian Registry to enable the ill people in Croatia and the world find a matching donor.

There is one donation we would like to highlight, because, even though it was deposited on our account without any notice, we wouldn’t like it to go unnoticed. After the Soccer World Cup, the members of our national team have, besides their soccers skills, shown a great heart with their numerous donations. One of those was a donation to Ana Rukavina Foundation, long before the start of the Soccer World Cup, made by Mario Mandžukić.

Many thanks to our Super Mario on his noble donation that will greatly help our further work and we hope that this thank you note will find its way to him.

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