Ana Rukavina Foundation founders

Ana’s family

Mrs. Marija Rukavina, Ana’s mother and Mrs. Gordana Leto, Ana’s sister.


The Zagreb-based Vjesnik at that time was Croatia’s most influential political journal. On the day Ana died (November 26, 2006), it published issue No. 21,083, which was a clear indication of its long tradition. The first issue of Vjesnik was published on June 24, 1940, under the name “Politički vjesnik” (Political Herald). Originally, the newspaper was launched as a monthly publication by the then illegal Croatian Communist Party. Since May 12, 1945, it has been published daily.

Despite is close links to the ruling communist regime, Vjesnik would go on to record a great many successes in the decades that followed. It is worth mentioning that the Vjesnik publishing house produced not only a range of respectable journalists, but also dozens of the most popular magazines and reviews, such as VUS – “Vjesnik u srijedu” (Wednesday Herald).

The journal was at the height of its success on the eve of the Croatian spring movement. The fall of communism and the surge of democracy brought tough competition for Vjesnik, especially during and after the stormy war years, which eventually lead to the downfall of the Vjesnik publishing house, NIŠPRO. In 1999, Vjesnik merged with the Hrvatska Tiskara Company to form the company Vjesnik d.d., which existed until 2006 when Vjesnik d.d. founded its daughter company, Vjesnik Naklada d.o.o. The new 140 employee-strong company continues to publish the daily newspaper under the same name – Vjesnik.

Unfortunately, Vjesnik has ceased to exist in 2013, and thus, according to the new Statute of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, founders remain Ana’s family and Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Association. Vjesnik and the immense help of his staff who helped in the establishment of the Foundation will remain forever a part of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Association

The Association’s goal is to help patients who are suffering from hematological diseases, to develop new research programs and treatment methods and to undertake the following activities:

  • Organize treatment for patients who are suffering from leukemia, lymphoma and related diseases.
  • Collect donations, develop and manage patient aid programs for those who are suffering from leukemia, lymphoma and related diseases.
  • Initiate new treatment methods and organize expert and financial support for those programs.
  • Support the aid programs for patients and their families.
  • Support research in the fields of etiology, therapy and treatment of leukemia, lymphoma and related hematological diseases.
  • Develop programs for non-related bone marrow transplants in the Republic of Croatia.
  • Organize seminars and conferences and distribute the information collected at those gatherings to medical and scientific institutions.