The students of Fra Pavle Vučković’s Elementary School from Sinj selflessly supported the work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation with their handwork, after which they donated the money earned from the sale to the Foundation. There are no words to thank them for their efforts and generosity, because the help of young hands is always the most valuable.

Remembering Ana’s words, “It’s never too late to start a good thing, just get it rolling!”, teacher Nađa Ćurković said that this is exactly what the school wanted to achieve – to get things rolling in their town.

We thank teacher Nađa from the bottom of our hearts for organizing this commendable action and the time she invested in this humanitarian project, and thank you to the students and parents.

We are happy that the children learn from a young age about the importance of helping others, and we hope that when one of them grows up, they will be become a part of the Croatian Registry of Stem Cells Donors.

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