Goodbye, Ivano

At the beginning of the year, we received a lot of calls from people all over Croatia – everyone’s question was: “How can we help little Ivano Marušić?”
Prompted by the avalanche of emotions, the first action for little Ivano was held at the invitation of Ivan’s father Danijel in Velika Gorica, where we met 540 people who arrived not only from Gorica, but from cities and towns miles away, just to help him.
We have not felt this amount of energy and love since the beginning of the Foundation; people of all ages have also appeared and wanted to help. They wanted to help Ivano, but also to others who were waiting for their donors.
Encouraged by Ivan’s need to find a matching donor, only in the first four months
this year, more samples were collected for the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry than in the entire last year.
Despite the sincere desire and faith that everything will be alright, we read a sad news today: Little Ivano has left as for good.
Ivano, thank you for the great work you have left in your short, but great life.
Sincere and deepest condolences to parents and families of little Ivano on the overwhelming and irrecoverable loss.
Sleep well, angel. Thank you for everything.

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