How to help

How can I personally help?

Become a potential bone marrow donor

Patients who are being treated for leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood diseases are among the most frequent users of donated blood and stem cells from blood and/or bone marrow. By donating your blood today, you can save somebody’s life tomorrow!

Buy promotional goods

During the Ana Rukavina Foundation’s campaigns, you can show your support for the cause by buying some of the Foundation’s promotional materials.

Pay money directly into the Ana Rukavina Foundation account

By donating money today, you can help the Ana Rukavina Foundation develop the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank, promoting and encouraging the professional development of young professionals in the field of haematology and other related specializations, support the patients and their families, and inform the Croatian public about the Foundation’s activities.

How else can I help?

Participate in the Foundation’s events

Throughout the year, the Ana Rukavina Foundation organizes many events in Croatia. Follow the news on our web page and join us! The goal of our campaign is to collect blood samples for tissue typing and raise funds for the further development of the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. At our events you will have the chance to socialize with other patients and their families, and talk to people who have conquered their diseases. Be a part of our team as we work toward a common goal: to collect samples for tissue typing.

Organize action to join the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry in your community or company

Every blood sample is invaluable to the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Every test tube with 7 mL of blood means a new chance for somenone. For more information click here.

Organize a campaign to raise funds and provide information to donors in your community or company

Would you like to organize an auction of paintings or photographs, a marathon, a book sale, or cookie sale with the goal of donating the proceeds to the Foundation? All your ideas are welcomed! Contact us!

Be a volunteer during one of the upcoming events for the Ana Rukavina Foundation

We welcome any kind of help you can offer to make our campaign a success. Do you have a van? Are you willing to host our volunteers in your apartment for the night? Are you a student that can distribute information flyers during the Foundation’s visit to your town? Contact us!

Donate your services and products

Do you have the equipment to make banners?
Does your company produce promotional materials, balloons, office supplies?
Are you very handy? Are you a skilled painter or carpenter?
Contact us, your help is appreciated!