How can you organize the collection of blood samples for standardization and provide information to donors in your community or company?

We have put together a set of instructions for organizing the collection of blood samples and providing information to donors. Although it may seem a difficult and challenging task to organize these events, it is actually quite simple. We are at your disposal throughout the entire event to answer any of your questions and erase your doubts. Cooperation between Croatian citizens, firms and the Foundation is nothing new as we have already organized many similar events. Thanks to our dear friends who have organized these events, the number of bone marrow donors in our Registry increases each and every day.

Collecting samples and providing information to donors could be organized OUTDOORS, in the form of a street fair (in a tent), or INDOORS (a firm, a private apartment, etc.). Feel free to choose the model that suits you best.

We would like to emphasize that these instructions are purely INFORMATIVE guidelines, and that any of its components are subject to further arrangement. We are certain that we can succeed regardless of the location, as long as we work as a team.

Arrangement with the Ana Rukavina Foundation (ARF)

  • Call the ARF number and arrange the details of cooperation with one of our contact persons
  • Arrange all the details of the cooperation
  • Agree on the role of each person in the organization (assign tasks)

Tasks of the local organizer

1. Arrange the date of the event with ARF

2. Arrange the time of the event with ARF

3. Public announcements of the event and joint appearances in the media:

  • inform the local media in writing about the event (as agreed with ARF)
  • print posters and flyers announcing the event (marketing material is to be distributed by the local organizers, while the design and production of the material is ARF’s task)
  • distribute the flyers before and during the event (volunteers)

4. Cooperation with the media

  • define the elements of a possible joint appearance in the media with ARF in order to agree on the information that will be conveyed to the public and the media
  • media may be offered the use of the TV spot and song, I WANT LIFE, and possibly an interview with the PR staff at ARF
  • based on the agreement and interest, a press conference may be organized prior to the event

5. Setting up tents and necessary equipment

The following are the basic requirements for setting up an outdoor event:

  • Tent – at least 32 m² (4×8 m)
    • Wooden decking (or similar) with carpeting during the colder months
    • Six propane mushroom heaters. The number of heaters during the colder months depends on the size of the tent (about 1 heater for every 5-6 m²)
    • The tents must have adequate lighting (recommendation: 500 W reflectors)
    • There should be a 1kW reflector (or two 500 W) in front of the tent during the winter evening hours
    • “Neat” tent sides (one color if possible, preferably white)
    • Weather-resistant (rain or snow)
  • 5 small rectangular (or round) tables (recommendation: from cafe terrace)
  • 4 high bar tables (for standing and filling in application forms)
  • 15 chairs without armrests (recommendation: from cafe terrace)
  • 2 tables (office size) to be used as information counters
  • A sound system with a CD player and microphone (possibility to connect laptops)
  • Access to electricity for lights and sound system
  • Bed (fold-up bed for the donors)

6. During the event

  • 2-4 qualified nurses; experienced with drawing blood
  • 10 volunteers to hand out flyers, put up posters and help around the tent

Once the aforementioned elements are agreed, ARF will give the local organizer their approval for staging the event, and based on that, the local organizer will make sure to obtain the following:

  • Permit to use public space (issued by the city/town council)
  • Public gathering permit (issued by the local police)

Ana Rukavina Foundation’s Tasks

  • Provide information and work closely with the local organizer
  • Ensure a sufficient number of application forms for the voluntary bone marrow donor Registry
  • Ensure a sufficient number of informative flyers about being a voluntary bone marrow donor (these are not the same as the event flyers)
  • Supply roll up with ARF’s logo
  • Supply banners with ARF’s logo
  • Provide general office supplies
  • Prepare posters and event flyers for print
  • Organize a doctor (for information purposes) and qualified nurses
  • Guarantee the attendance of ARF representatives at the event

Ideas for communication with the local community

  • Invite the relevant local institutions and companies to participate in the event
  • Inform the related organizations that deal with local people (possible volunteers and donors)