I Want Life – we are starting our humanitarian campaign!

With the arrival of December, the valuable humanitarian campaign “I want life” started this year as well, organized by the Ana Rukavina Foundation. The main goal of the campaign is to collect funds for the expansion of the Croatian Register of Voluntary Donors of Hematopoietic Stem Cells, the professional training of young doctors in the field of hematology and other related specializations, as well as the financing of projects aimed at researching new treatment options for malignant diseases. By calling the number 060 9000 people with good hearts can donate HRK 5.00, i.e. EUR 0.66 (+ VAT) throughout December and thus support this valuable campaign.

“I know that today it is not easy for everyone to put already scarce money aside, but please, call 060 9000 at least once and donate HRK 5.00 or EUR 0.66 + VAT. Not a single kuna of this amount goes to the Foundation, but to the collection of samples, to the expansion of the Croatian Registry of voluntary stem cell donors, to the education and training of young experts in the field of hematology, as well as to the financing of projects aimed at researching new treatment options for malignant diseases. 16 years ago, Ana, together with several friends and volunteers, enthusiasts, planned a concert from the hospital room that was supposed to give her hope for life and everyone who found themselves in a similar situation. Ana, unfortunately, did not make it to the concert, she left us on that sad Sunday morning in November, but we all continued her vision together. The Foundation’s idea was to establish the Croatian Registry and a Cord Blood Bank, but that grew into something much bigger, and it is still growing. Thank you to all the good-hearted people who are with us this year as well and are ready to make other people’s lives better with their valued contribution,” said Mrs. Marija Rukavina, the director of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, on the occasion of the start of the campaign.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation and media partner Nova TV are preparing a holiday program in the form of a concert that will be broadcast on December 17, 2022, on the Nova TV program and online platforms of Nova TV.

This year’s concert known to everyone as “I want life” will be held at 8:15pm with an impressive performance by the biggest Croatian music stars who will spread the pre-Christmas magic with their songs and warm the hearts of the audience in the time of giving and joy.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our work!

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