IN MEMORIAM SILVANA NOVAK – December 1, 2009 – December 1, 2019

In 2007, a young woman then 3 months pregnant was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, which later turned into acute myeloid leukemia.
That young, brave woman refused treatment and decided to save her baby. Her name is Silvana Novak.
Silvana’s son Leo is a cheerful 11-year-old today and lives with his father Silvio in Varazdin.
Today is exactly 10 years since the early departure of Silvana Novak, and on this occasion, we share the memory of her husband, Mr. Silvia Novak:
“This year, I wanted to remind Croatia who Silvana was and what the strength of the Croatian people (and beyond) was in those days when her life was being saved.
December 1, 2019, will mark the full 10 years since we got a call from University Hospital Centre Zagreb at about 7.15 AM that Silvana died after more than two years of a hard battle.
But she still emerged victorious in the ‘first half of the fight’, because despite her difficult diagnosis and extremely small chances, she was able to bring Leo into the world, who can now enjoy life.
She postponed her treatment and put Leo in front of her. Unfortunately, she failed to save herself.
I believe that many, thanks to her Lions Club (NCLC Varaždin Millennium), remember those days when all of Croatia was with her and with us.
And for that, thank you all again.
Leo & Silvio”

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