Numbers of Potential Donors Changed Due to Reconciliation with the World None Marrow Registry

We received a report from the Tissue Typing Department at the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb on the reconciliation of the number of registered and typed donors in the Croatian Registry of Voluntary Donors of Hematopoietic Stem Cells.

The upper age of active status in the World Bone Marrow Donors Association (WMDA) is 60 years, and due to age reasons, 892 potential donors will be deleted from the Croatian Registry successively according to their date of birth, with the new number of potential donors now standing at 61,736.

When it comes to typed samples, 990 donors had to be removed from the Croatian Registry due to the mentioned reasons, and the new number of typed donors in Croatia is now 61,543. Other reasons for compliance besides age can be medical and other reasons.

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