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Goodbye Ana

What none of us even wanted to whisper, what all of us avoided to think of in the past week after Ana’s leukemia returned, came true early Sunday morning. Ana died in her hospital room at the KBC “Zagreb” Rebro, at the age of 29.


‘Petition ‘I WANT LIFE’

Potpišite peticiju i podržite akciju ‘ŽELIM ŽIVOT!’ – prikupljanje sredstava za proširenje hrvatskog registra dobrovoljnih darivatelja koštane srži i osnivanje banke krvi iz pupkovine


Number of potential bone marrow donors in the Croatian Registry

Number of typed donors in the Croatian Registry

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Action to join the Croatian Registry in Split
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I want life

The campaign "I want life!" is a story which started with Ana's letter in which she said that all of her wishes fit into three little words.

Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank

The establishment of the public bank is the result of great effort and investment made by the Ana Rukavina Foundation. This was done in order to realise Ana’s great wish and mission – to minimize the number of little bald heads, that is, to increase the chances of those who are being treated for haematological diseases.

Professional training

The public tender for education and professional training for young doctors residents or specialists of internal hematology and other related specializations in the most prestigious hospitals worldwide.

Professional Training

Vibor Milunović, M.D.

Public tenders for international training are a commendable activity of the Ana Rukavina Foundation because there is no systematic training within the healthcare system for young hematologists. By providing funding, the Foundation provides a continuing opportunity for young physicians to educate abroad, thereby opening unprecedented opportunities for physicians to advance professionally.

Vibor Milunović, M.D.