Performance of “The Imaginary Invalid” to benefit the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The doctors of the Medical School and the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar have showed that they are not only good doctors, but excellent actors as well. On October 25, 2009, in front of a full house at the city theater Komedija, they put on a performance of Molière’s comedy “The Imaginary Invalid”. All of the proceeds from the ticket sales went to the Ana Rukavina Foundation, which was just another confirmation of the nobility and humanity of those in the medical profession.

This performance of Molière’s comedy came into being as a project by the students of the Medical School in Mostar, which was intended to raise finances for a school trip. For six months, the halls of the Medical School and the Clinical Hospital Mostar were filled with hard working students practicing scenes in unusual conditions.

“The premiere of the performance was in April 2008 at HNK Mostar (Croatian National Theater Mostar), followed by three more performances in the same theater. Since there was such a great interest in the performance and a great demand for tickets, the play was then performed in the Croatian Hall Herceg Stjepan Kosača, in the Rijeka theater Filodramatica, as well as the City Youth Theater in Split. Unfortunately, there will be fewer and fewer performances as it is difficult for the participants, who have all graduated and are now doctors, to find the time in their busy schedules,” said the dean of the Mostar Medical School, Dr. Ljerka Ostojić, D.Sc.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation will use the donated finances towards expanding the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors.

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