Professional training

The results of the Public tender

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees selected Dr. Tamara Vasilj at the proposal of the Expert Council composed of Prof. Boris Labar, Ph.D., Prof. Ivan Đikić, Ph.D., Prof. Steven Živko Pavletić, Ph.D., Prof. Srđan Verstovšek, Ph.D., and Prof. Mirando Mrsić, Ph.D. (President of the Council).>>

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Public tender for the allocation of funds for professional training by the Ana Rukavina Foundation

We take great pleasure and pride in informing you Ana Rukavina Foundation is announcing the sixth public tender to award a grant for further professional training which is intended for young specialists in internal hematology.>>

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The results of the Public tender and a valuable donation to University hospital Zagreb

Dear friends, on Tuesday, July 2 Ana Rukavina Foundation, presented the results of the public tender, which will enable the selected physician a professional education for 12 months at the National Institute of Cancer (NCI) – National Institute of Health (NHI) in Bethesda (USA) and donation od 1,500 HLA typing tests to University Hospital Centre Zagreb.>>

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