We have already written on our web site about the young pupils at Remete Primary School who decided to give up one ice cream every month and donate that money to the Foundation instead. Their noble gesture continues and has gone a step further. This year they have been joined by the 3rd grade class and their teacher Sanja Varga!

Here is the e-mail we received from the teacher, Marija Kovačević:

“Your New Year wishes have given us new strength and a desire to invest our little sparks of goodness and help you achieve your noble cause! I hope that my young pupils will grow into good and noble people and that in their future lives they will have compassion for those people that are in need of the most help!

I believe that we have more than succeeded because the pupils from the 3rd grade class and their teacher Sanja Varga have joined us.
Best regards from the playful and happy 4th grade pupils at Remete Primary School and their teacher Marija Kovačević!”

From all of our hearts, we thank you for the sparks of goodness and concern for fellow human beings that these lovely teachers nurture in their pupils from a very young age.

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