Round Table: A National Consensus for Health – Mission (Im)possible?

Dear friends, On Tuesday, on September 6th at 6PM at Press Home, a round table will be held. The topic will be “A national consensus for health – MISSION (IM)POSSIBLE?” One of the opening lecturers will be Marija Rukavina, manager of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Mrs. Rukavina will present the work of Ana Rukavina Foundation in the introductory part of the program “Best practices of Croatian health care – examples of consensus in health care in Croatia.”

The round table will be organized by “Leadership and Management of Health Services” of Postgraduate Study of Management in Health Care of Medical College of Zagreb University, in cooperation with Section for Pharmaceutical Management and Pharmacoeconomics of Croatian Pharmaceutical Association.

If you want to become a part of it, you can get in touch via email, [email protected], or by calling 01/4872-849, since the number of participants is limited.

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