Saša Vukas Memorial Tournament

At the second Memorial Badminton Tournament in memory of Saša Vukas, which was held on Saturday, May 4th, a total of 1,540 kuna was raised for the Ana Rukavina Foundation. We are sincerely grateful to Saša’s family and friends for the money they raised and donated to the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

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2nd Saša Vukas Memorial
The 2nd Saša Vukas Memorial Tournament has taken place in an environment that was more friendly than competitive. Three mixed teams were pitted against each other in 2 men’s single matches, 2 mixed matches and 1 men’s double match.
The team consisting of Sandi and Lidija Šaban, as well as Igor Šab…, that is, Jurišić, did not lose a single game against the Vumpires team, which included current, past and future (?) referees (Duspara, Pokorni, Miletić, Vukas). The match against the team of Habuš, Kišan, Priseker and Macan was a bit tighter, however. With the overall score at 2-2 in the matches, in the last match of the tournament the semi-mobile Tvrtko and Damir were not really able to do much against Sandi and Igor, but the decisive point in that match, however, was earned earlier by Lidija (who does not really play except for in humanitarian tournaments) in the game paired with Sandi by beating Mark and Maja in three games. The remaining duel also proved to be an interesting battle. Two tight matches, which both went into overtime in the third games, were ruled in favor of Tvrtko and his partners: the first was Maja in the match against Ivanka and Zoran, and the other was Mark with whom he was paired against Dalibor and Zoran.

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