Varaždin Lions Club helps the Foundation

The “Sveti Nikola” Lions Club from Varaždin organized the Lions Kestenijada (Chestnut event) on October 25, 2008 and thus announced a fundraiser to help the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Besides the already traditional fundraisers to help the blind and partially sighted, this year all Varaždin-based Lions Clubs have agreed to another new action. They will raise money for the Ana Rukavina Foundation in order to help those that are suffering from lymphoma, leukemia and other diseases that require tissue typing collected blood samples of potential bone marrow and stem cell donors. The Lions Kestenijada will announce and promote this action. 
Source: Varaždinske vijesti, October 21, 2008

Thank you to all of the Lions. The beautiful city of Varaždin has already hosted three events to join the Registry and 799 citizens have donated blood samples for tissue typing.

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