Foundation’s vision and mission


  • To be a professional and widely accepted Croatian humanitarian foundation
  • To create a team which will conduct all the Foundation’s activities professionally, responsibly and for the long term
  • To establish public cord blood banks which will operate to benefit all Croatian citizens for years to come


  • To systematically work on expanding the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry
  • To conduct humanitarian and marketing activities with the goal to collect financial and other resources for the maintenance and expansion of the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry and for the operation of the Ana Rukavina Public Cord Blood Bank
  • To inform the public about the work, campaigns and achievements of the Ana Rukavina Foundation
  • To work on achieving the Foundation’s goals in a way which justifies the trust of Croatian citizens, our donors and collaborators
  • To run business in a transparent way, in compliance with the body of the legislation in the Republic of Croatia

Ana Rukavina Foundation’s Values

  • Commitment – We will always do our best to achieve the Foundation’s goals.
  • Honesty – Our work and business will be transparent and sincere, in accordance with ethical, moral, medical, business, and legal standards.
  • Respect – We will work effectively as a team, support our colleagues and treat our donors, collaborators and all the people we encounter in our work with respect.
  • Responsibility – We will be responsible for achieving the set goals