Nataša’s story about Ana

Ana loved all sports, whether it was handball or skiing or ultimate fighting. Along with her husband, a passionate sports fan and walking encyclopaedia, she followed all sporting events, and almost always cried when Janica or Ivanišević won.

Her sporting, adventurous spirit kept her going in her struggle with “aunty” leukaemia. When she was young she played handball and was the captain of the “Novi Zagreb” handball team. As every true leader, she was always persistent at trainings and practices. Mononucleosis had nipped her potentially professional athletic career in the bud.

The dictionary entry “I try hard” should be defined as Ana Rukavina. If you wanted to get together you could always lure her with good food, but it was more than just that. Ana was a gourmet chef. She loved food, especially pastries filled with cheese. When she moved to Šibenik she became a true aficionado of Mediterranean cooking.

She loved old people. She had a special kind of affection for them. It always melted her heart to see an old couple walking hand in hand.

Gypsy music was something that moved her. No matter where she was, she would start dancing. I believe she is still enjoying the music now.