Ana Rukavina Erceg (1977-2006)

Ana, like all of us, had many different roles in her life, she loved her job and took pleasure in the power of the written word sharing her thoughts with the public and turning the public's attention to important questions. One thing she didn't like to talk about was herself.

That is why we are sharing with all of you some of the stories that she wrote herself, and a few stories about her told by her friends, which will help you understand what she was like.

Mirta’s story

If any good has come out of all that's happened, it's the fact that now we all know how fragile life is, what is really important in life, and what isn't, how important are our families and love - and that it is not worth getting upset about things at work, for problems of that kind exist one day and are gone the next.


Tonči’s story

Your illness didn't change your way of thinking about life. For you, honesty was still the best policy. You may have lost the physical battle, but you most definitely won the war. Having written that letter, you have become the spokesperson for the sick. In times like these when everyone is sceptical about journalists, your words captivated everyone who read them.


Marina’s story

We are all here to tell Ana's story and to give those people suffering from blood diseases the chance to create their own long and happy stories, ones that they will be able to tell their grandchildren. Each new donor is a dear acquaintance and a moment to relive the stories of Ana, Andreja, Luka… and the many other people who were so dear to us but are no longer with us.


Marijana’s story

I never got to tell her how much her "morning" messages meant to me, or of the feeling that she is still with us, ill and exhausted, but ready to show us how to give oneself to others in their times of hardship. I never got to tell her that she was the reason I learned how important bone marrow transplantations is to the sick, or how big her idea was.


Nataša’s story

She loved old people. She had a special kind of affection for them. It always melted her heart to see an old couple walking hand in hand.