186 potential donors joined the Croatian Registry in Omiš

186 potential donors joined the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry held on October 2 in Omiš!
The action in Omiš was held on the initiative and with the help of Ivana Vulić Ivanac and with the organizational help of Dr. Esma Čečuk-Jeličić, coordinator for cooperation between University Hospital Centre Split and the Ana Rukavina Foundation, and a longtime volunteer for the Ana Rukavina Foundation.
For the action to be successful, nurses Hanijela, Dragana, Nena, Vanda, University Hospital Centre Split, Omiš Health Center, and Studenka helped, also the Deputy Mayor of Omiš Žarko Kovačić, sisters Vulić, and numerous volunteers provided support.
A big thank you to Ivana and Dr. Esma for organizing the action, thanks to all who participated to make the action successful, and the biggest thanks to all who joined to help those who are waiting for their chance to heal.

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