A great response from students of Baltazar University in Zaprešić

Dear friends, in today’s action in cooperation with the Baltazar Zaprešić University in Zaprešić, 52 new potential donors have joined Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry. 

The action was held with the organizational help of the Polytechnic students who wanted to support the work of Ane Rukavina Foundation this way  and increase the chance of healing the sick who require transplantation of stem cells.
Many thanks to all dear young people who have been there and entered the Croatian Registry.
After the nice news that last month two transplants were carried out by the donor from
Croatian Registry, we’re delighted that more people have decided to join the registry and maybe to save someoneone’s life one day.
A significant contribution to the action was provided by the County of Zagreb, which allocated funds for the project “Cure is in Us” for the area of Zagreb County. Thank you very much for your long-term support.

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