Employees of IKEA Zagreb have joined the Foundation’s action

Dear friends, at an action held on Wednesday, October 18 at the IKEA Zagreb store in Rugvica, Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry has received 21 new potential donors of  stem cells.  

The action in the IKEA Zagreb storehouse was held in cooperation with employees who recognized the Foundation’s mission of expanding the Croatian Registry and separated the time for the sufferers in Croatia and the world.
The Ana Rukavina Foundation thanks the IKEA Zagreb department store and its staff who were selflessly responding to the call for help for the patients in need of stem cell transplants.
Every action organized by the Foundation throughout Croatia carries the message “the cure is in us”. This is why the Foundation wants to remind citizens once again that we carry a cure for saving lives of acute and chronic forms of leukemia and patients with severe bone marrow damage. The greater the number of enrolled in the Croatian Registry, the greater the possibility of saving the lives of the patients, and the first step is enrollment. If HLA compatibility with a person is established, we can help heal it.
The materials needed for this action are secured with the financial support of the County of Zagreb, which has awarded funds to the project “Cure is in Us” in the Zagreb County by means of a Public Call for the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

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