103 new donors in the Croatian Registry and 70th Transplantation from the Croatian Registry

Dear friends, on yesterday’s 337th action to enroll in Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb 103 new potential donors were enrolled.

We have organized the action in cooperation with eSTUDENT student association and with the support of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing from Zagreb, and now the Croatian Registry DDKMS together with the newly announced members exceeds 54.000 donors.

Great thanks to all the wonderful young people who have become part of the Croatian Registry DDKMS and have given the opportunity for healing to those who need it.
We are happy to share with you the joyful news that the 70th transplant from the Croatian Registry DDKMS was completed in April.

Each donated transplant is a new hope for healing, both for the patient and his family, and we invite all those who have not yet been enrolled in the Croatian Registry of DDKMS to enroll and increase the hope for healing of sick people.

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