14 new members have joined Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry; 800 new typizations

Dear friends, in cooperation with the Athletic Club Noga from Novska and our dear donor, Mrs.Mirjana Ciboci, on Saturday, August 12, we held the action of registering into Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry. 14 new potential donors responded to the event, and we were especially pleased with the visit of Tea Šulekić who is spending the summer holidays with her grandmother in Novska.
Tea is a student of the elementary school Remete, in autumn she’ll go to the fourth grade under Mrs. Kovačević. During the year, instead of buying icecream, her whole class donated  to Ana Rukavina Foundation. This meeting has especially delighted us. We are happy to come up with a new generation of young girls and boys who are from taught from young age to help others and are looking forward to enrolling in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry.

We received a report from the Clinical Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Biology of University hospital Zagreb about new 800 typography on three locuses conducted in July.
Thanks to all the new potential donors, the students of the Primary School, and our organizers from Novska- Athletic Club Noga and our dear donator Mirjani Ciboci!

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