228 new donors join the Registry in Rijeka

A total of 228 new donors of hematopoietic stem cells joined the Registry at Saturday’s action in Rijeka. By purchasing promotional materials, the people of Rijeka helped to raise 3,300 kuna for HLA tissue typing.

Thank you all……the main organizers Gordana Crnković, Martina Fišić and the students at the Rijeka School of Medicine for your help and great turnout to join the Registry. Also, thank you to the a cappella group Cinquina Croatia for ennobling this action. Thank you to all the sponsors: Mali Caffe, McDonalds, PIK, Mlinar and GDCK Rijeka; as well as Kanal Ri Stari Profil for the media coverage of the action. Thank you to all the dear volunteers and all the people who joined us, entered their names in the Registry, bought promotional materials, or simply…supported us with kind words.

See photos from the action at: www.facebook.com/media/set/

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