43 new potential donors in Samobor

At the action to join the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors held today in Samobor, a total of 43 citizens joined the Registry, thereby increasing the chance to live for those who are severely ill.

By donating blood at the action to join the Registry, which the Ana Rukavina Foundation organized at the Association of the Disabled at the initiative of Danijela Brnčić, the citizens of Samobor supported the mission of the Foundation which is to continue to expand the Registry and in that way continue to save lives around the world.

Many thanks to Danijela Brnčić for the invitation and for the organization of the action and for the space and welcome we received from the Association of the Disabled of Samobor and Sv. Nedelja, as well as a big thank you to all the young people for their noble act of joining the Registry.

Until we meet again, dear people of Samobor!

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