43 potential donors at Bukovac Primary School in Zagreb

At today’s action held at Bukovac Primary School in Zagreb, a total of 43 citizens joined the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors.

The Foundation responded to the call from Luka Mihalić, a pupil at the Tituš Brezovački Primary School who successfully underwent a transplant and is currently being treated for leukemia. This action was organized in order to fulfill his wish for as many citizens as possible to join the Registry and in that way help those who are seriously ill.

The action to join the Registry in Zagreb was held with the organizational help of the headmistress of the Bukovac Primary School, Mirjana Boras.

We are grateful to all the citizens who joined us at the action to join the Registry and therefore demonstrated their solidarity in helping the severely ill among us. The example of the brave Luka, who has found his potential donor and is now helping others who are suffering, makes us believe that the cure to save someone’s life is truly in all of us.

We would like to wish young Luka and all those who are suffering much luck in their future treatment and once again we would sincerely thank the organizers and all those who came to support the action.

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