450 competitors in the “Volim Trčanje” (I Love Running) race

More than 450 recreational and professionals competitors participated in the second “Volim Trčanje” (I Love Running) race that was held on June 25th in Zagreb.

The run was organized by the Recreational Sports Club “Active Life” and sponsored by Zagreb’s City Office for Health and by Adidas Croatia.
The winners of the citizens’ race were:
Women: Marija Vrajić
Men: Relja Trivanović

The winners of the competitors’ race were:
Women: Lisa Stublić
Men: Goran Murič

The organizers have decided to donate the 4,140 kuna proceeds from the entry fee for the two races to our Foundation for HLA tissue typing of blood samples of potential bone marrow donors.

We are truly grateful to the organizers of these races and congratulate them on the wonderfully organized run.

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