62nd transplant from the Croatian Registry

Dear friends, we have great news coming from Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry: There has been another transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells in April!

According to the report of Croatian Registry, a transplantation for a Croatian patient has been performed in April, making it a total of 62 transplantations for Croatian and foreign patients since the beginning of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

62 donors for Croatian and foreign patients are priceless for sick people who waited their donor so we ask you to register yourself as a donor and increase the chances of healing for people who are still waiting for their matching donor.

Our thoughts are with with all transplanted patients to whom we wish a successful recovery.
Many thanks to all donors who responded to the call from the Registry and to all of you who are joining the Registry every day, increasing the chances of sick people finding their matching donor.

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