66 new entries at the action at Zagreb’s headquarters of DM-Drogerie Markt

At the action to join the Registry, which was held yesterday at the DM-Drogerie Markt headquarters in Zagreb, the names of 66 new potential donors were added to the Registry, thereby increasing the chances of saving someone’s life.

The action was jointly organized by the Ana Rukavina Foundation and the DM-Drogerie Markt. We take this opportunity to thank everyone at DM who helped us organize this action. With this noble act they demonstrated outstanding civic solidarity because bone marrow transplantation can treat patients suffering from acute and chronic forms of leukemia, as well as patients with severely damaged bone marrow.

We are especially grateful to all the young people who joined the Registry, thus becoming potential bone marrow donors and in that way increasing the survival chances of those people who are suffering because the cure for these serious diseases is in us!

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