77 potential bone marrow donors entered into the Registry in Velika Gorica

Radio Velika Gorica and the Ana Rukavina Foundation organized the 163rd action to join the Registry. The well organized event was held yesterday at the shopping center in Velika Gorica. A total of 77 people participated and donated blood for tissue typing.

The mayor of Velika Gorica, Tonino Picula, his wife Marijana, and the president of the City Council of Velika Gorica, Vesna Škare Ožbolt, also donated blood for tissue typing and had their names entered into the Registry.

In addition to becoming part of the Registry, the citizens also supported the work of the Foundation by purchasing promotional materials, beverages and baked goods that were sold at stands by numerous representative of the social, cultural and political life of Velika Gorica. In this way, we were able to raise more than 10,000 Kuna for tissue typing blood samples. We are extremely grateful to the Minister of Finance Ivan Šuker, Mayor Tonino Picula and his wife Marijana, the representatives of parliament, Dr. Stjepan Kundić and Goran Beus Richembergh, President of the City Council of Velika Gorica Vesna Škare Ožbolt, Deputy Mayor Vesna Marijetić, Dr. Siniša Golub, Director of the Tourist Board of Velika Gorica Milada Mesarić, Director of the Tourist Board of Zagreb County Ružica Raperić, head of the private kindergarten, Katarina Geršak, county representative of the Noble Municipality of Turopolje, Fanjo Kos, the head of Open University, Senka Bulić, Mr. Nađ and the many other participants who helped make this action a success.

We would like to send a very special thank you to the organizers of this action – Radio Velika Gorica, especially its director, Dražen Barišić, dear Ana Mirenić and all the crew of Radio Velika Gorica.

The interest of the media in our actions is especially meaningful. We are always reminded of the incredible help and support they lend us in spreading information and raising the citizens’ awareness. Therefore, we believe that this report about the action is the appropriate place in which to sincerely thank the media for their contribution.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
The Croatian Post, in collaboration with the Ana Rukavina Foundation, has issued a voluntary additional postal stamp as part of the action “Kuna for a Drop of Life.”
The aim of this action is to raise funds that will go towards tissue typing the blood samples that have already been collected for the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors. The main goal of the Registry is to facilitate the search for non-related bone marrow donors.
The cost of the voluntary additional postal stamp is 1.15 Kuna. The stamp will be available for purchase in all post offices in Croatia from September 1 to December 31, 2008.
We hope that you will do all you can within your power to help the work of the Foundation by buying these voluntary stamps.
We would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the Foundation and all those that are suffering who will be filled with new hope for their treatment because of your assistance in the search for bone marrow donors.

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