A Great Response from the students during the action in “Ivan Švear” Highschool in Ivanić Grad

Dear friends, today we held an action in Ivanić Grad in “Ivan Švear” high school, and the event was attended by 74 potential donors.

We were invited by prof. Josipa Ilić together with the senior students with the desire to help the sick people in search of matching donors.
We are sincerely grateful for the excellent response and the great heart of young students and teachers who have decided to join the action in order to increase the chances of healing for sick people.

Many thanks to prof. Josipa Ilić on invitation and the school principal, Ksenia Pavlović, who hosted us at “Ivan Švear” high school in Ivanić Grad.

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Srednja škola „Ivan Švear“, Školska ul. 12, 10310, Ivanić Grad Map
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