A review of the recently aired documentary “I Want Life”

Our own Medo recently read an interesting review of the documentary “I Want Life” by the blogger Nedeljko at http://nedo.kamencici.info/. Medo said he was fascinated by the way the man managed to grasp the point, the very essence of the film…

Nedeljko Vareškić: “…let me go back in time 24 hours to the documentary about Ana Rukavina. It has been a long time since anything has shaken me like this film. So many emotions, an occasional teardrop, and finally, I understood: THE CURE IS WITHIN US. Ana is truly great. She may even be a saint. She certainly is for me. Or at least she should be. I have not come across such a great and noble idea in a long time… Imagine being terminally ill, really doomed to death, and realizing that the system does not function, and if it did you might have a chance, you might live. Somebody, whose life depended on somebody else’s blood, realized that out of the 4 million people who reside in Croatia there were a mere 150 blood samples in the registry! Many would be seized with rage and anger, but not Ana. She managed to rise above that and move the people around her. In a very short period of time those people managed to grasp her idea and put it into action. Less than a year later everybody knew about the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Nobody questioned why there were tents on the main square or why people were donating blood. People were standing in line to give blood. In a very short time Ana touched over 30,000 hearts and inspired those people to give a part of themselves to save somebody’s LIFE. It sounds incredible but it is true – each and every one of us can save somebody else’s life by simply donating a little blood. There are times when we feel small and helpless, and only a moment later we can be so big and strong; so strong that we can actually save another person’s life! Ana understood that and passed the message on to her friends and they turned her idea into the Ana Rukavina Foundation!”

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