Action to enroll into Croatian Registry in Sisak and Mošćenica

Dear friends, on Tuesday, January 23rd, the Ana Rukavina Foundation will, in cooperation with the Association of Tradesmen of Sisak-Moslavina County in Sisak and the Croatian Cultural Arts Society Mošćenica in Mošćenica held an enrollment to the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry.
These acts of admission to the Croatian Registry, Ana Rukavina Foundation organizes due to the need for finding a matching bone marrow donor to the little Ivan Marušić (3), but also to all the affected people in Croatia and the world in search of a matching donor.
Action in Mošćenica will be held in the hall of Dragutin Tadijanović (A. Starčevića bb) 10AM to 12PM, and in Sisak from 13PM to 15PM in the premises of the Crafts Chamber of SISAK-MOSLAVINA COUNTY (A. Starčević 13).

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