Action to join the Registry at the barracks “Pukovnik Predrag Matanović” in Petrinja

The Ana Rukavina Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia (MORH), will hold the 222nd action to join the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors.

This action for the staff of MORH will take place on Wednesday, June 19th at the barracks “Pukovink Predrag Matanović” in Petrinja from 9 AM to 11 AM.

This action is a continuation of this year’s cooperation with MORH; the first of such actions was held on May 16th at the barracks of the Croatian Army’s 123rd Brigade in Požega where 184 potential donors joined the Registry, and the second action was held at the barracks “Kralj Zvonimir” in Knin where 97 potential donors registered.

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