Action to join the Registry at Tituš Brezovački Primary School in Zagreb

Let us remind you that the next action to join the Registry will be held at the Tituš Brezovački Primary School (Špansko 1) in Zagreb on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, from 6 PM to 8 PM as part of a sports-entertainment humanitarian event.

The action will be held at the initiative of the school’s psychologist, Prof. Silva Strnad-Jerbić. She was inspired to do so by one of her pupils who had been struggling with a malignant disease for a year and a half and who had received bone marrow from a foreign donor.

The wish of Prof. Strnad-Jerbić and the ailing student was to get as many people from their immediate environment to join the Registry in order to expand the Croatian Registry and thereby increase the chances of treating those suffering in Croatia and abroad.

As part of this sports-entertainment humanitarian event, the Tituš Brezovački Primary School will present “water sports”: swimming, water polo, rowing, kayaking, synchronized swimming, diving and deep-sea diving along with a number of famous guests from Croatian sports.

Tickets are 15 kuna, and for children up to 10 years old the entrance is free. The monies raised from the ticket sales will be allocated to help the families of the T. Brezovački Primary School, to finance “School in Nature” for the 4th grade classes, a field trip for students in May, and for the school leaving excursion for this year’s 7th grade students.

Come and join the Registry so we can fulfill the wish of a suffering student and support the activities of the T. Brezovački Primary School!

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