Ana Rukavina Foundation Holiday Cards

The proceeds from the purchase of these holiday cards goes to help the work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation in order to expand the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and the work of the cord blood bank, as well as HLA tissue typing of blood samples.

We have printed these holiday cards so that all the citizens who support the activities of the Foundation have the opportunity to make a contribution and help the realization of this great nation-wide project.
The cards cost 10 Kuna each and can be ordered at the following email address: [email protected], or by fax at the following number: 01 48 10 853. You can pick up the cards in person at the Foundation’s office, Trg Hrvatskih Velikana 2/II, or they can be sent to you via post. Please choose whatever option is best for you.

Thank you for supporting and helping the work of the Registry and cord blood bank in this way.

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