“Ana Rukavina’s Favorite Flower” humanitarian action raised more than 84 thousand kuna

Dear friends, the traditional, sixth in a row, humanitarian action “Ana Rukavina’s Favorite Flower” held on April 9, organized by the Social Democratic Women’s Forum of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) – thanks to their great efforts and enthusiasm and your kind donations, raised a total of 84.527,85 kuna.

The amount raised in this traditional activity of selling Ana’s favorite tulip, Women’s Forum of the SDP deposited into the bank account of Ana Rukavina Foundation.
The funds raised are a great incentive for the further work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation in order to continue to help the ill people who are waiting for their matching donor.

Thanks to all our dear donors, the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry now has more than 51,000 potential donors, and 61 donor from Croatian Registry donated their hematopoietic stem cells to give a new chance for life to those in need!

Thank you from the bottom of our heart to the Social Democratic Women’s Forum of SDP for their support of our work and all of you who have responded to all of our actions and activities so that – together – we try to help people in need of their matching donor.

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