Foto: Ratko Mavar

Ana’s birthday

“For me, surrender was never an option. I love life and people endlessly, I know how to live and for who to live. Sometimes it seems to me that for 100 years it would not be enough to do everything the One on the sky intended for me.”
Dear friends, on this day in 1977, our dear Ana was born.
“I want life,” words that have entered the hearts of all of us, the words why the Foundation exists. Ana is physically  no longer with us, but her words are still alive, and 87 people, thanks to Ana and good people from The Croatian Registry, which selflessly gave a part of themselves to others, gained a new opportunity for life.
Ana, unfortunately, has left us too early, but in memory of her and her mission, in more than eleven years of work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, with the help of noble people from all parts of the Republic of Croatia, we managed to increase the number of donors in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry from modest 150 donors to 59,382 registered potential donors.
Dear Ana, we know you keep us safe, up there – we want you a happy birthday, you are always in our hearts and our thoughts.

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