At the initiative of the Maksimir members of the Women’s Forum, and the decision by the presidency of the Social Democratic Women’s Forum (SDFŽ) of the Social Democratic Party’s City Committee (SDP GO) Zagreb, we invite you on Saturday April 2, 2011, from 10 AM to 2 PM, to come and buy a flower to support our humanitarian action “Buy Ana Rukavina’s Favorite Flower”.

All of the proceeds from the action will be donated to the Ana Rukavina Foundation and in that way support the HLA tissue typing of blood samples from potential voluntary donors of bone marrow and stem cells.

TULIPS, Ana’s favorite flower, will be sold starting at 5 kuna each at the seven following locations:

– Ban Josip Jelačić Square, in front of Mala Kavana
– Kvatrić marketplace, east entrance
– Dubrava marketplace, Koledinečka bb
– Sesvete, bus station
– Trešnjevka marketplace
– Avenue Mall, at the main entrance to the center
– Črnomerec tram terminal, west side

We invite you to come out in great numbers!

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