Concert of sacral music “Prayer for Life”

In association with the campaign, “Kuna for a Drop of Life”, which raises funds for the tissue typing of blood samples, a concert of sacral music, “Prayer for Life”, will be held on June 6th at 8 P.M. at the Basilica of the Sacret Heart of Jesus.

The concert will feature the following musicians: Želimir Puškarić, tenor, Ljubomir Puškarić, baritone, Berislav Puškarić, bass, Eva Kirchmayer Bilić, organ, the city choir “Franjo Von Lučič” (Professor Dubravka Veliki, Director; Mirjana Komljenović, organist). They will perform pieces by Lukačić, Bruckner, Dugan, Rossini, Franck and Fauré.

If all the people in the world were the same, finding bone marrow donors would be truly simple. However, people are different and they have thousands of different types of bone marrow. When someone is in need of a transplant, we must find someone who is a match. Tissue typing is an expensive process, but the only one that enables doctors to find a matching bone marrow in time, which one day, you may need. Today, the Registry has 31,665 donors, of which 3,413 samples have been tissue typed.
The concert is free, but the proceeds from the sale of programs will go towards the Foundation.

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