Gorica first to join the action Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring

The town of Velika Gorica is among the first to join the action Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring!

The aim of the action is to include all of the towns that are in the area that makes a ring around Zagreb in an event to raise funds for the expansion of the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cells, and to tissue type the collected blood samples.

On that occasion, at today’s press conference, the mayor of Velika Gorica, Dražen Barišić, handed the director of the Foundation, Marija Rukavina, the decision regarding the allocation of financial aid for the Ana Rukavina Foundation in the amount of 20,000 kuna.

“At the Foundation we are very grateful for this help. This will enable us to tissue type almost 20 new blood samples since we will be implementing new testing procedures, which are already being used in most of the countries in the EU, that will reduce the price of HLA tissue typing for loci A, B and DRB1 from the current amount of 1,580 kuna to 1,085 kuna, which is 32% less,” added Marija Rukavina.

Let us remind you that two years ago, thanks to Radio Velika Gorica, an action was held in Gorica to join the Registry, and there were more than one hundred blood samples collected which can now be found in the Croatian Registry.

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