Happy New Year 2012!

Dear friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!

We would like to thank you for supporting us and being with us over the past five years. Thank you to the thousands and thousands of generous people who have become members of the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors and want to answer the call to save someone’s life by giving a part of themselves.

Almost every day, wonderful, warm and dear people call us with the wish to help in various ways, and our family is growing on a daily basis. In addition to the desire to organize actions to join the Registry in their towns, they want to help the Foundation by organizing auctions, such as for photographs, artistic painting and children’s handiworks, as well as fashion shows, concerts, sporting events, theater performances, children’s festivals… there really is no end to the wealth of ideas and good will during this time. HUNDREDS OF WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS IDEAS!

Hundreds of people with enormous hearts have donated their services to us: journalists, actors, singers, business people, producers, politicians, security guards, fashion models, students, fashion designers, stylists, sculptors, painters, computer specialists, blind fitters, hairdressers, athletes, scenographers, handymen, composers, hosts/TV-anchors, bartenders, teachers, professors, housewives, designers, scouts… HUNDREDS OF WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS PEOPLE!

Office space, computers, communication equipment and furniture have been donated to us… as well as design and marketing services, public relations services, the construction of our web site, printing of posters, flyers and registration forms. Our operations have been followed on a daily basis and they have been supported by a number of media. We also received free TV and radio broadcasts of our concerts, video and audio spots, press releases, texts and musical compositions, copyrights… We were also given the use of vehicles to get to our actions in other cities, the fees for the highway tolls were paid on our behalf, paid parking, medical equipment, free gas and paid hotel accommodations… Women baked cakes for us, children painted Easter eggs and gave up ice cream and donated the money to the Foundation instead. During their greatest moments of grief for loved ones, many families donated money to the Foundation in lieu of buying flowers or wreaths – even weddings were organized in a humanitarian spirit! Many elementary schools organized various performances in order to raise funds to help the work of the Foundation… HUNDREDS OF WONDERFUL ACTS OF GENEROSITY!

Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who have helped us over the past five years. Thank you to the dear volunteers who are a permanent part of the Foundation’s work – the members of the management and executive boards of the Foundation.

Therefore, we would like to send out hundreds of great, great THANK YOUS to all of you who have extended your support of our work and who together with us have continued to work to achieve Ana’s dream to help all of those people who WANT LIFE!

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