Here is a story that brings hope, warms the heart and lightens the soul

Between 1 and 4 November, Premantura was the venue of the eighth Hellowind – a competition of surfers and mountain bikers from Croatia and the world! With the help of her friends, Jadranka Nišević organized a humanitarian action for the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Here is what our dear Jadranka has to say about the event:

“Here is a story that you can remember when you are feeling down or start believing that all people are the same, just bad and nothing more than that. Almost every day, we hear people say that there is no longer any goodness or honesty in people. That true altruists, who put others first and would do anything for them, are long gone. Apparently, today you shouldn’t trust anybody, not doctors, politicians or shop-assistants. Well, this is not exactly the case. Let me tell you a story that warms my heart and lightens my soul, a story that confirms that there are still good people in the world. I know it, I have met them. We have recently spent a lot of time together, and together we have become living proof of the old saying, “Many hands make light work”. In my last post I wrote about the humanitarian action for the Ana Rukavina Foundation which I had decided to organize together with my friends, and it is with pride that I am now informing you that the action was a great success. First of all, let me say a big thank you to my friends Alison and Petra. At the outset, I proclaimed the two of them my “Founding Staff” and that is how they behaved. They gave their best during those four days and together we worked relentlessly from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon every day. Let me also thank all the ladies of Premantura, the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and neighbors for making the effort to bake all those cakes as best as they could and with so much love. Another special thank you goes to the retirees of Premantura. The good ladies lent us their premises, they baked most of the cakes and in addition to that, they deposited 500 Kuna into the Foundation’s account. They made sure to help wherever help was needed. We are grateful to the Municipality of Medulin for listening to my plea and pledging to pay 1,000 Kuna into the Foundation’s account. A big thank you to my friends Ana, Saky, Neva, Barbara, Lenka, Katarina, Kaludija (we never would have sold everything without her selling skills), Goca, and the two musketeers, Hrvoje and Emir (they were our strength and they used their muscles for humanitarian purposes). (You don’t really think that we carried the tables ourselves). I am grateful to my colleague from the radio, Danijela. Her company, Izlog Art, printed all the posters for free and helped us send out our message further and to a greater number of people. As I am writing this, I am sure I will forget to mention somebody and I am really sorry if that happens. Do not hold it against me. God sees all and at the end of the day, he gives credit where credit is due. Thanks to all of you who helped in any way, even if you thought it was just a little. It was worth it, just like our whole humanitarian campaign will be even more valuable if other people decide to do something similar in their areas. And do not worry about how much money you may raise. Money will be raised, in one way or another. What really matters is what you create together with your friends, with your dearest ones, and what you are going to give others, like in the movie “Patch Adams”.
P.S. Exactly a year ago, on today’s date, Ana sent her “I want life” letter and she died 18 days later.
I will say it one more time, Ana may have lost the battle, but she did not come out of it a loser. I organized the action because of people like her and my late father. I hope he is watching me now and smiling down on me.”

Jadranka Nišević –
With all our heart, we would like to say Thank You to our dear friends in Pula who raised 4,740 Kuna!

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