High Honor from the President of the Republic

The President of the Republic has posthumously awarded our dear ANA RUKAVINA ERCEG with the Order of Croatian Danica wi9th figure of Katarina Zrinska.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation was awarded and recognized for its achievements in the past year.

We are grateful to the president for awarding this high honor, which is not only a reward for what we have accomplished, but is a stimulation and commitment for us to continue, as diligently as we have until now, to make Ana’s greatest wishes come true – to develop Croatia’s system for voluntary bone marrow donors and to expand the Registry of donors. Ana also called on us to establish the cord blood bank in which parents can save umbilical cord stem cells, which were just discarded until recently. Today, Croatia has that bank. It was established on March 28th, on

Ana’s 30th birthday, and it bears her name.

Somebody nicely stated once that a man only dies when the memory of them dies. Thanks to her letter, family, the Foundation, friends and all the noble people, Ana will never die, which is also confirmed by this recognition!

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