Jose Carerras will sing in Zagreb for the suffering maestro, Vjekoslav Šutej

Jose Carerras and ten world-class singers will perform in a humanitarian concert on December 19th in the Dražen Petrović Basketball Center in Zagreb in support of the conductor, Vjekoslav Šutej, who is suffering from leukemia.

The singing event for their friend was initiated by Jose Carerras, the Zagreb Philharmonic, and Dražen Sirišćević, the editor and host of HRT’s program “Opera Box”, who also talked to a journalist at Večernji list and said, amongst other things:

Besides being allocated for the treatment of Vjekoslav Šutej, part of the proceeds from the concert will also benefit the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Whose idea was that?
– When the singers said that they wanted to sing for him, Ðidi said, “OK, but only if part of the money goes to the Ana Rukavina Foundation.” That is why we will try to raise as much money as possible in order to help treat as many people as we can. That was his wish because he knows that if Ana Rukavina had had a donor she would probably be alive today. The cooperation with the Ana Rukavina Foundation will be led by the Zagreb Philharmonic and its director, Miljenko Puljić.

SOURCE: Večernji List, 15.11.2008. – Journalist: Vesna Petrović

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